We organise training on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing for all the obliged entities within the meaning of the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act regardless of the size of the company and regardless of whether the company is a credit or financial institution, a virtual currency trader, a gambling service provider, a real estate agent or just a merchant.


Our trainings are not limited to the standard trainings listed below, we provide trainings for the specifics of all fields of activity and for basic, advanced and specialist level.

The selection of standard AML trainings currently includes the following trainings that take into account the specifics of the sector:
• VASP virtual assets service provider (basic, advanced and specialist level trainings)
• TCSP trust management and corporate services provider (basic training)
• Life insurance service provider (basic training)
• Loan and leasing service provider (basic training)
• Management company (basic training)
• Savings and loan association (basic training)

Bespoke trainings are prepared based on the field of activity, structure, internal rules of the specific company and according to the needs of the target group being trained.


From time to time, we also organize standard trainings as open group trainings, where everyone can register and take part. We publish information about open group trainings on the website before the training takes place. If there is currently no open group training on the website, you can let us know your wish and we will notify you by e-mail about the training.


Both standard and bespoke trainings can be ordered for one specific company or as individual training. To receive a quotation and to order training, please contact or by phone +372 56454209

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